Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to listen to THE GRIM WORD, and all of the CaB Radio shows, LIVE

One week from this evening, THE GRIM WORD will begin. It will start at 9pm, and end at 1am.

When the stream is on, you will be able to listen directly via this link - through your music player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp etc). You can either click on the link above and 'open', or you can right-click and save the button on your computer, then click on the button. It's also worth checking on the Cook'd & Bomb'd site to see if someone else is on for the rest of the week too. If the top of the page has a banner switched on, like so [Click on picture to enlarge):

If the banner is on, and nothing is playing, it's probably because it's been left on by mistake. Other than that, it should be on.

The current line-up throughout the week is as follows (all starting times are generally guesses based on recent start and end times, and subject to vary throughout):

8pm/9pm onwards - Monday Night Boki with Boki
Midnight / 1am onwards - Another String of Pearls with Daimoniac

8pm/9pm onwards - [tends to vary]

9pm/10pm to 1am/2am - Wednesday Night Wallop with Louis Barfe

9pm onwards (as of 16th February 2012) - THE GRIM WORD with DCT (that's me, remember)

9pm onwards - Phil A Fridays with Phil A

6pm to 8pm - Terrible Idiot's Uneasy Banter with Terrible Idiot
8pm to Midnight - Saturday Night Delete with Delete Delete Delete
8pm to 1am - Music @ War with DJ One Record

9pm/10pm to late - Comedy Chat with Neil

Other hosts such as Sir Henry, NoSleep, Nik, FlipTopHead, Caledonian Gonzo, Petey Pate, Goldentony and a fair few others, may occasionally come on and host some excellence for a bit too. All of the hosts bring their own individual approach and a complete variation of style, so please do check in when you can and listen.

I often tend to co-host or collaborate with Sir Henry, depending on the theme of the evening. A legendary radio host in his own right, he has provided much encouragement and assistance in my attempts at radio since the beginning. So if in doubt, you have Sir Henry to thank / blame for what has evolved into The Grim Word.

Not long now...

Monday, 30 January 2012


Welcome to THE GRIM WORD.

Every Thursday, from February 16th 2012, I will be broadcasting a 4 hour show on Cook'd & Bomb'd Radio - also known as CaB Radio. Regular highlights include:

THE INSOMNIHOUR, with 'Alert' Al Calnert
Through the decades, Al has been associated with some of the great music artists of our time - Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Mrs Miller to name but a few - but in recent years, has chosen to stay out of the spotlight, now residing in an undisclosed location somewhere in the USA:

From what we can gather, however, he lives in a cabin he built himself, where he has lived - and not slept - for nineteen years. He lives with a kestrel, who he maintains has the spirit of a Native Indian from the Civil War era.

I am a collector of vinyl oddities - the more obscure or novelty, the better. In this show, I will take you on a journey through whatever I've recently found in the basement of a record shop, or an album or single on eBay that remains constantly re-listed. All ripped straight from the vinyl, with all the scratchy bits left in.

Residing in Staines, Gooch often takes on detective work involving marital affairs and break-ins, when the client doesn't receive the response they hoped for from the official authorities. His former work partner, Roger Mound, has recently gone missing in Brighton, where Gooch has now traveled to, and has vowed to remain there until he finds him. Unfortunately, his investigations so far has led him to a bar known as The Battered Mermaid, where he spends most of his evenings. It is here where we join him, giving us the latest stories of his investigations.

Mixes combining music with film and television excerpts, based on various themes. Previous shows have included: 'Behind The Mask Of Sanity', 'Love, Lust, Madness and Death', and 'All Consuming'.

An anthology series in which each episode is a different story, often featuring unappealing characters who should probably (and may possibly) be killed off by the end of the episode.

Budget pending.

To avoid confusion, the name I go by on the show is 'Dr Christian Troy', or 'DCT' for short, as this is my username on I was particularly fond of the TV series Nip/Tuck at the time of signing up to the forum, so settled for the name of the character, Dr Christian Troy, who I am not similar to in any way.

More news and information to come over the next few weeks.

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